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Thursday December 4th 2014

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Massive Mosaic of Mercury | Universe Today

Massive Mosaic of Mercury | Universe Today Posted using ShareThis

Messeneger Goes into “safe mode”

Despite all the hype, the Messenger spacecraft went into safe mode on it's flyby of Mercury yesterday. So all of the images and information it intended to send were never fully realized. It was still seen as a successful mission as its primary objective was to get the gravity assist it required to ensure a 2011 orbit insertion. It may be less than [...]

MESSENGER sees a new side to Mercury

By a new side of Mercury of course I mean totally new, never before seen, first time ever! Today is the day of the 3rd flyby, and MESSENGER has started to send back data and images. A series of high resolution image were taken which contains portions never before seen by a spacecraft.  Take a look at this image.  [...]

Mercury Rising..

With approximately 2 days to go, the MESSENGER spacecraft took a quick snap of our Sun's closest planet. This is the third flyby which brings the spacecraft  to within 142 miles of the surface and sets the stage for Oribit insertion March 2011.  For more details on this program visit Credit: NASA/Johns [...]