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Wednesday December 12th 2012

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Leonids – 500 meteors per hour predicted on 17th November

Get ready for the Leonids to put on a great show this year. Last year there was a better meteor shower than in recent years with 100 meteors per hour noted by observers in Asia & Europe. A meteor storm is defined as 1000 meteors per hour or more. With predictions of 500 or more meteors an hour this year's shower should be a half [...]

Orionids Meteor Shower

Over the next few nights if we are lucky and have a clear night we should be able to see the Orionids. The Orionids Shower should produce 20 to 25 meteors an hour at its peak on Wednesday night. They should be fairly easy to spot thanks to a moonless midnight sky. The meteor shower gets it's name as the meteors appear to radiate from near the [...]