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Thursday January 13th 2011

The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight

If you are hoping to see some meteors, then tonight might be your best opportunity.  The  Perseid meteor shower is underway and expected to peak tonight.  With the Earth currently passing through a wide stream of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, each piece of debris can light up the sky and you get to see a meteor.  The best time to see the Perseids is any time between 10 pm tonight and the early hours of Friday morning.  If you manage to be away from the city lights you could be lucky enough to count dozens of meteors per hour. promises full coverage of the shower, including a live meteor radar, a “fireball cam,” updated meteor counts and pictures from around the world.

Here’s how NASA’s Tony Phillips describes the annual “Perseid” meteor shower:

“The viewing will be clearer this year because lunar glare isn’t expected to be visible during the midnight-to-dawn period. Last week, astronomers got a peek of coming attractions when an asteroid turned into a fireball in the skies visible in the southeastern United States. Friday night stargazing may be the best time to take it all in as the crescent moon is expected to set before the finish of twilight, offering up a very dark sky to behold.

This map may help.

Sky Map to help you find the Persieds

Enjoy, and leave comments or share  links to any photos you come across….

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  1. Michael says:

    Saw a red boulder (?) over Loughlinstown on Sunday night 16 th August. It seem to be burning up,travelling fairly slowly.We watched from the car for about twenty seconds. Was it part of the meteor shower? We could see it very clearly.It was turning over and over as it travelled.

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