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Wednesday December 12th 2012

Phil Plait’s Bad Universe

If you like Astronomy then you have probably heard about the “Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait. Phil is a skeptic and a scientist who spends some of his time debunking half truths and myths and tries to set the record straight in a fun sort of way. Well I’m a fan! So I thought I would point out that he has just announced a new series which premieres this Sunday night August 29, at 10:00 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.  Here is a sneak preview

In his own words

“This first episode is about saving the world from asteroid impacts. In most science TV shows on this topic they’re heavy on the death and destruction, but pretty light on what we can actually do about them. But if you’ve read my book Death from the Skies!you know I’m all about getting off our collective butts and doing something. So in “Bad Universe” we go step-by-step, looking into what can be done to keep an impact from ruining our whole day.”

Here is a sneak preview. wishes him lots of success.  More news about this here

This sums up for me what to expect from Phil. Cool stuff that’s really real….

Phil Plait: The Bad Astronomer

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