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Wednesday January 18th 2012

Fireball reported over Ireland – but the video is fake…

Editor comment: After posting this article, including the video the following comment was posted on the facebook page. It would seem clear that the video at least is not the real deal as it has been on YouTube for over a year now with thecatchy title of

“The Real ALIEN DEATH STAR over Iraq UFO or Meteor spiraling towards earth.”

 … Nice catch Michal…

Michał Szymański Look at this:
same video from more than 1 year ago. We should wait for first photos of this fireball.


There have been a number of reports of a fireball over Ireland this evening. Current reports on RTE suggest that the
fireball has landed in a field near Crimlin in Co Cavan. Within a few short hours this video has appeared on a few sites and also on YouTube.

It was apparently seen blazing in the air by people all over the country and would have been traveling with the force of a small nuclear weapon. It is likely it has landed inland, but it is unlikely to have injured anyone. Although traveling at high speed when it was spotted, it would have slowed as it hit the atmosphere.

Fireball over Ireland

Fireball over Ireland

Paddy Clancy of the Irish Times quoted Tommy Moore from Astronomy Ireland: “A major explosion happened in the sky over Ireland. We think it’s a fireball, that’s a rock from space the earth has slammed into and they burn up as huge shooting stars. This one appears to have lit up the whole country. The phones here in Astronomy Ireland are going crazy.”

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