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Thursday February 16th 2012

Download the Astronomy Sky Guide 2010 for Free!

Free is good but quality is better….so when something is both free and of high quality you should take note! For example, take a look at this free 40 page downloadable pdf file which  contains just about everything you need to know if you have any interest in observing the night sky in 2010. This guide was recently brought to my attention, and when I took a look I must admit I was highly impressed. It provides a clear reference for commonly used terms in astronomy and also a day by day calender of events for the entire year.

Sure there are lots of other books and references available covering similar material but why part with you hard earned cash in a recession when John has gone to the trouble of providing the same information in an equally professional way.  OK there is no glossy cover, but  you get to save some trees……

Here is a pointer to the original post by John Flannery on the IFAS website where you can read about the guide in John’s own words.  Astronomy in Ireland is clearly thriving. Download Guide here.

Thanks John!

Dunsink Observatory: Dublin Ireland

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2 Responses to “Download the Astronomy Sky Guide 2010 for Free!”


    Thanks a lot for the info/data of my interest
    Is great to have the connection with the all abouts
    about the subject.

  2. bernie foley says:

    Great to see John Flannery’s hard work recognised like this.
    I downloaded this guide and have recommended it to many others, it’s full of interesting facts and advice on what to look out for each month. Thanks again John.

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